Autism Speaks Offers Popular Team Up! Events

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Autism Speaks

Brennan Marilla is the former vice president of US Endovascular sales for Medtronic. Outside of his professional life, Brennan Marilla is a frequent traveler, community volunteer, and committed supporter of Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping fund research for people with autism and working to create treatments and a potential cure for autism. A relatively recent charitable organization, Autism Speaks was founded in 2005 and has grown into a globally recognized and significant organization in its 11 years of service. Assisted by volunteers, Autism Speaks holds a variety of events year-round in order to raise the funds needed to reach its goals.

Among the most popular options for volunteers are Autism Speaks’ “Team Up!” events. Team Up! is an athletic event with multiple options for participants, where people can choose from a variety of different athletics to fundraise in. The main options are marathons, cycling, and swimming events, which garner the most attendees, but Autism Speaks also allows volunteers to create their own event or sport, and be as creative as rappelling off a building, cliff climbing, or base jumping. All proceeds directly benefit research related to autism, as well as patient care for those who have been diagnosed. To learn more, visit