Sigma Chi Takes a Journey

Sigma Chi pic
Sigma Chi

Brennan Marilla is a successful sales and marketing executive. He was former vice president of US sales (endovascular) for Medtronic, where he orchestrated a multitude of successful campaigns and market leading new products. Brennan Marilla completed his degree at North Carolina State University, where he also was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

In place for over 150 years, the Sigma Chi Fraternity maintains a presence on many college campuses. In addition, the organization encourages lifetime commitment from its members and has a multitude of alumni chapters throughout the country. Sigma Chi’s mission statement professes a commitment to learning, justice, and helping the community, and the fraternity administers numerous programs and services dedicated to these values.

The Journey program was developed to help the different chapters improve and address issues within today’s climate and culture, as well as within the fraternity. Program components are regularly updated to keep Journey contemporary and relevant. Some of the recent workshops within Journey include Risk Intervention, Strengthening Brotherhood, Responsibility and Accountability, Hazing Prevention, and others.


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